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Stuart Bousel

Sense HQ, Jul 31, 2019 — “Raj and Susan were instrumental in our recent office move, and through their flexibility, organization, and determination to provide excellent service, we were up and running with the internet before we officially opened doors that Monday morning. We didn’t even have to change our login information. One of the smoothest transitions I’ve ever worked with, and largely due to them, Raj’s expertise is invaluable!” 

Larry Bush

Aug 7, 2019 —Castro Computers has elevated the quality of my life, my home and the service I provide my tenants. They created a system that lets me handle all my lighting, my temperature, my phone, my computer and iPhone through several iterations. Because I am mobility challenged I find Castro Computers and Raj to be an essential part of what let’s me live independently. I extend my highest recommendation… Read More »Larry Bush

Maureen Beckman

St. Agnes Church, Aug 6, 2019 —“We have been working with Castro Computers for over 4 years now and they are wonderful to work with.  Whenever we have a problem, they are right there to help either in person or over the phone.  They respond right away.  They are the nicest IT people I have ever worked with and recommend them to everyone I meet if they are looking for… Read More »Maureen Beckman

Bernard Prinz

Zebra Graphics, Aug 5, 2019 — Castro Computers is competent, reliable, and accommodates my erratic schedule & shifting work orders, has never dropped the ball & has been fair on pricing. They’re not afraid to pick up the phone when it’s more efficient and they’re all very nice to work with.I appreciate Raj’s ease with all the aspects of tech and Susan’s comforting phone voice. They’re my IT touchstone.

Lisa Jolicoeur

Jul 31, 2019— Castro Computers is a Rock Star in the IT world! Whenever I have an issue, and it is usually urgent, and often, I get Class AAA service.  It is like having my own IT department without the headache! Thank you Susan and Raj for making my little office hum without interruption.  I recommend you to all my friends!

Nanette Gartrell MD

Jul 31, 2019— We worked with multiple computer experts over many years, and none could solve our complicated networking problems in our home and offices–despite many promises to do so and many thousands of dollars spent paying for failed efforts. When we met Raj, he made the same promises, but he delivered!!! There is no computer/network/TV/audio problem he can’t solve, efficiently and effectively. We’re so glad he’s much younger that… Read More »Nanette Gartrell MD

Bill Hoover

Gallery of Jewels, Mar 1, 2015 —  Gallery of Jewels, When Modern Was and Buttons Candy Bar, all Noe Valley retailers have enjoyed quality and speedy work on our POS computers. Their service for the most part was ridding system viruses.The store computers are critical for daily business. Their turn around was lightning fast.Castro Computer Services are sensitive and empathetic to our reality. I highly recommend them. — Bill Hoover,… Read More »Bill Hoover

Michael G

Mar 2, 2018 — We have used Castro Computers for our IT service at our 4-person dental office for over a decade, and they have always come through. They built a server for our office, have created multi-station functionality, WiFi, and have created a complex system with user-friendly applications. When we have had occasional difficulties, their office is quick to respond and fix the problem in person and /or help… Read More »Michael G